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Dr Gray's 200 Limited Collection

Elgin's world famous luxury clothing brand was a supplier to Dr Gray's from its opening, by which time they had already been in business for 22 years. They made the first blankets (cotton rather than cashmere!), and several other items during 1819 as detailed in their ledgers - see below.

In recognition of this historic link, Johnstons have donated a limited edition commemorative collection of luxury scarves and rugs embroidered with a distinctive logo of the dome and '1819' underneath, which was launched at a sold out event on 7th February and available to purchase from Friends of Dr Gray's from the 8th.

Friends of Dr Gray's is extremely grateful to Johnstons for their very generous donation, which will undoubtedly provide a major boost to this year's fundraising.

Last Updated February 2019

1st Order Feb 1819 Zoom 2.jpg

February 1819

  1 Indecipherable item                    1   1

22 cotton blankets and one fine     3  18

                                                         £4  19s

March 1819

Several items including blankets, sheets, bolster and pillow slips and scouring  blankets

                                                           £18  5s

April 1819

 1 Scouring Blanket                              18s

Prices & How to Buy

Johnstons Poster.jpg

Click image for larger view

Cashmere Scarves (200 only) - Natural, Slate Blue, Deep Red, Mid Grey & Navy                                                                           £49 each

Wool Scarves - Red or Blue                                                 £20 each


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